Kids day in the park in Rancho Cordova April 2017. Interview with Fernando from Sacramento Unified School District

Quick6 “Air To The Throne” 7 on 7 Event Feb 19 2017 Brought to you by MyStarTV

Its Time To Get Your Game Fix On! Check out this recent event at Los Medanos College

Interview with KneedABrace Founders on MyStarTV.com

Check out this interview with the founders of KneedABrace Rick and Michael Todd, their product is an innovative knee brace and they have managed to have it adapt into the players outfit.

Interview with Mayor David Sander of Rancho Cordova CA

An In-depth Interview with the Mayor of Rancho Cordova David Sander About helmets that were recently purchased for the Rancho Cordova High School football team. These helmets are equipped many sensors within the padding. It is designed for when there is impact from players. and as it reaches a certain threshold, the sensors become very […]

Interview with St. Francis Volleyball Head Coach Alynn Wright After the GAME-ON

We talked to St. Francis Volleyball Head Coach Alynn Wright After the GAME-ON MYSTARTV.COM about her success at St. Francis and about starting her 28th year as the head coach. [huge_it_video_player id=”7″]

Interview with Jacob Norville

Check out this interview with Jacob Norville on MyStartV during the Sportstars Photoshoot

Interview with DiMarcus Ross

Check out this interview with DiMarcus Ross, and remember he is only a sophomore.

Interview with Jimmy Jaggers

MyStarTV interview with Jimmy Jaggers during Sportstars Photoshoot

Interview with Mason Hurst

MyStarTV interview with Mason Hurst during Sportstars Photoshoot